Nederlands Internet Governance Forum

The Hague, Netherlands

The Nederlands Internet Governance Forum (NL IGF) 2016 meeting will take place on 13 October, between 13.00 and 17.00, in The Hague. 

The meeting will bring together parliamentarians, governmental officials, academics, non-profit organisations, provate companies, journalists, and other stakeholders interested in discussions on Internet governance issues. The programme will include topics such as: human rights, multistakeholder Internet governance, and the rule of law. 

NL IGF, which holds annual meeting since 2013, has been established with the aim to bring the importance of the global IGF to the attention of Dutch stakeholders. The initiative is also intended to contribute to embedding the results of international discussions on Internet governance into national policy, as well as to make the Dutch voice heard internationally.

For more information, please visit the initiative website.