Meridian Conference 2016

7 Nov 2016 - 10 Nov 2016

Mexico City, Mexico

The 2016 Meridian Conference will be held on 7-10 November 2016, in Mexico City, Mexico. 

The Meridian Process aims to exchange ideas and initiate actions for the cooperation of governmental bodies on issues related to the protection of critical information infrastructures (CIIP) globally. It explores the benefits of cooperation between government and provides an ooportunity to share best practices from around the world. Participation in the Process is open to all countries/economies, and is aimed at senior government policymakers involved in CIIP-related issues. The Meridian annual conferences provide a forum for governmental delegated to promote open discussins and exchange on ideas. 

Under the theme ‘Critical Infrastructure Protection – Capacity Building’, the 2016 Meridian Conference will include plenary sessions, workshops, and roundtables on issues related to the development of capacity and knowledge for the CIIP. In the framework of the conference, policy makers will be offered a training session on critical information protection infrastructure, which will include: presentations on CIIP concepts and terminology, an overview of the main international organisations, and an interactive ‘problem clinic’ to address specific questions related to CIIP.

For more information about the process, visit the Meridian Process website.