Managing Radio Networks in an Encrypted World Workshop

24 Sep 2015 - 25 Sep 2015

Atlanta, Georgia

The Internet Architecture Board will hold a  Managing Radio Networks in an Encrypted World (MaRNEW) Workshop 24-25 September in Atlanta, Georgia.

Mobile networks have a set of requirements and properties which places a large emphasis on sophisticated bandwidth optimization. Encryption is increasing on the internet which is a good thing for consumer and business privacy and security. Many existing mobile bandwidth optimization solutions primarily operate on non-encrypted communications; this can lead to performance issues being amplified on mobile networks. Encryption on networks will continue to increase; and with this understanding the workshop aims to understand how we can solve the issues of bandwidth optimization and performance on radio networks in this encrypted world.

The workshop will consider the following topics :

  • Understanding the bandwidth optimization use cases particular to radio networks
  • Understanding existing approaches and how these do not work with encrypted traffic
  • Understanding reasons why the Internet has not standardised support for LI and why mobile networks have
  • Determining how to match traffic types with bandwidth optimization methods
  • Discussing minimal information to be shared to manage networks but ensure user security and privacy
  • Developing new bandwidth optimization techniques and protocols within these new constraints
  • Discussing the appropriate network layer(s) for each management function
  • Cooperative methods of bandwidth optimization and issues associated with these

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Sponsored by the Internet Architecture Board, ISOC, AT&T and GSM Association.