10 May 2021 - 14 May 2021


The LACNIC 35 meeting will be held as a virtual meeting between 10 and 14 May 2021, organised by the Internet Address Registry for Latin America and the Caribbean (LACNIC).

The event will bring together the Latin American and Caribbean Internet community for four days of discussions and exchanges on various issues related to the use and evolution of the Internet in the region. The programme will include:

  • Technical tutorials: focused on topics such as monitoring of IPv6, routing, and DNSSEC, among others.
  • Public Policy Forum: a space of debate where policies are presented and discussed for the region of Latin America and the Caribbean regarding the administration of Internet resources.
  • Members Annual Assembly of LACNIC: In this space the balance sheets and results of the management of LACNIC are considered and approved.
  • The 2021 FIRST Virtual Symposium for Latin America and the Caribbean will take place on 12-13 May and will be cohosted by
  • The LACNIC Technical Forum (LTF): a space for the LACNIC community to share and discuss Internet technology related topics. It will include technical presentations on cybersecurity, IPv6, DNS, the Internet of Things, interconnection, network operation, regulations, and other relevant topics.
  • Findings on the Motivations for Deploying IPv6 in Latin America and the Caribbean: Presentation of the findings of a study led by LACNIC and conducted with the support of international consultants SmC+, including the main reasons driving the deployment of the new protocol and the rebuilding a new economic model based on the needs of ISPs. 

For more infomation, visit the event webpage.