JANOG37 Meeting

20 Jan 2016 - 22 Jan 2016

Nagoya City, Japan

The JANOG37 Meeting, which is one of the biggest events for network engineers in Japan, is going to take place in Nagoya city, Japan on 20-22 January 2016.

JANOG Meetings are in Japanese, so non-Japanese speakers usually arrange an informal interpreter. If you are interested in making a presentation at JANOG but cannot arrange an interpreter by yourself, you could consult with JANOG at: “meeting-37[at]janog.gr.jp”. Although JANOG cannot guarantee, JANOG may be able to help you on volunteer basis. Let JANOG know if you have any questions : meeting-37[at]janog.gr.jp

JANOG (JApan Network Operators’ Group) is a network operators group, which was established in 1997 for network engineers in Japan. It’s an operational and technical community to discuss technologies and operational practices around the Internet.

It runs semi-annual meetings, a mailing-list (janog <at> janog.gr.jp) and working groups (called ‘WG’) which are to discuss about a technical and operational topic intensively. WGs are formed when a request arises from JANOG members.

Visit the conference website for more information.