ITU Telecom World 2018

10 Sep 2018 - 13 Sep 2018

Durban, South Africa

ITU Telecom World 2018 will be held on 10–13 September 2018, in Durban, South Africa. Organised by  the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), the event is intended to serve as a platform to accelerate information and communications technology (ICT) innovations for social and economic development through exhibiting solutions, sharing knowledge, and fostering collaboration among stakeholders. 

ITU Telecom World will include several components: a forum for discussions on policies, strategies, business models, and technologies shaping the ICT industry; an exhibition showcasing projects and initiatives from companies, countries, investors, and innovators; and the ITU Telecom Awards, recognising excellence in small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and large companies worldwide.

Under the theme 'Innovation for a smarter digital development', the forum will focus on exploring key issues of the digital age, from the perspective of technology, strategy, policy, and regulation. Some of the topics to be addressed include reinventing the role of telecom companies, the impact and opportunities of 5G, artificial intelligence (AI) in business and society, the Internet of things (IoT) and the fourth industrial revolution in smart cities, regulatory policies in the smart era, connected cars, technologies, policies and content to connect the unconnected, the impact of digital transformation on citizens, the ethics of AI and data ownership, digital literacy and education, and the role of government in smart transformation.

The event will bring together a wide range of stakeholders, including ministers of ICT, finance, health, education, energy; regulators of ICT, data, and any related sector; exhibitors from nations, companies, and organisations around the world; SMEs, entrepreneurs, innovators; industry CEOs, investors; non-governmental organisations; academics; and media​.

For more information, visit the event website.