WSIS Action Line C4: Understanding AI-powered learning: Implications for developing countries

17 Apr 2023


The ITU, ITC-ILO meeting on April 17, 2023 intends to address pressing issues in the global education ecosystem spawned from recent advancements in AI technology. Experts from the two organisations will address, in general, the impact of AI technologies on the learning environment and policymakers alike, as well as the implications of these technologies on education as a result of their use in areas such as exam monitoring, faculty lectures transcriptions, student success analysis, teacher administrative tasks and real time feedback to student questions. Anticipated fallouts to be discussed include the added workload for teachers in ensuring that they and their learners are proficient with such tools, and the use and storage of personal intent data by the providers of AI technologies and others within the education ecology. The experts will frame the discussion through the lens of the global south in light of the existing digital skills gap and connectivity challenges as they seek to build solutions in the Edtech arena.