ITU-D Study Group 1 Rapporteur Group Meetings

9 Jan 2017 - 18 Jan 2017

Geneva, Switzerland

Between 9 and 18 January 2017, the Study Group 1 of the International Telecommunication Union Telecommunication Development Sector (ITU-D) - tasked with studying issues related to an enabling environment for the development of telecommunications/ICTs - will hold several Rapporteur Group meetings:

  • 9 January: Rapporteur Group meeting for Question 1/1 : Policy, regulatory and technical aspects of the migration from existing networks to broadband networks in developing countries, including next-generation networks, m-services, OTT services and the implementation of IPv6
  • 10 January: Rapporteur Group meeting for Question 5/1 : Telecommunications/ICTs for rural and remote areas
  • 11 January: Rapporteur Group meeting for Question 6/1 : Consumer information, protection and rights: Laws, regulation, economic bases, consumer networks
  • 12 January: Rapporteur Group meeting for Question 3/1 : Access to cloud computing: challenges and opportunities for developing countries
  • 12 January: Rapporteur Group meeting for Question 4/1 : Economic policies and methods of determining the costs of services related to national telecommunication/ICT networks, including next-generation networks
  • 13 January: Rapporteur Group meeting for Question 2/1 : Broadband access technologies, including IMT, for developing countries
  • 16 January: Rapporteur Group meeting for Question 7/1 : Access to telecommunication/ICT services by persons with disabilities and with specific needs
  • 17 January: ITU-D/ITU-R Joint Group meeting for Resolution 9 : Participation of countries, particularly developing countries, in spectrum management
  • 18 January: Rapporteur Group meeting for Question 8/1 : Examination of strategies and methods of migration from analogue to digital terrestrial broadcasting and implementation of new services

All meetings will take place in Geneva, Switzerland, at the ITU Headquarters.

ITU-D Study Groups provide an opportunity for all ITU member states and sector members (including associates and academia) to share experiences, present ideas, exchange views, and achieve consensus on appropriate strategies to address ICT priorities. ITU-D Study Groups are responsible for developing reports, guidelines, and recommendations based on input received from the membership. The Study Groups examine specific task-oriented telecommunication/ICT questions of priority to developing countries, to support them in achieving their development goals.

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