Internet Inclusion: Advancing Solutions

16 Oct 2017 - 17 Oct 2017

Washington D.C., USA

The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) will organise an event on 'Internet Inclusion: Advancing Solutions' on 16 Octber 2017, in Washington D.C., the USA.

The event, held as part of IEEE's Internet inclusion series around the world, offered an opportunity for seven working groups to meet and progress on their work, share information, report on new developments, and work toward collective action for advancing solutons for Internet inclusion that is affordable, meaningful, and sustainable. The seven working groups are focused on the following issues: community networks, connectivity and energy, digital gender divide, digital literacy, evidence-based research, new models for financing connectivity, and public access.

A roundtable discussion on 'Advancing Solurions for Digital Inclusion' will also be part of the event, and will feature discussions on existing Internet inclusion projects, what still may be needed t to realise Internet inclusion, and how to fill gaps identified. 

For more information, visit the event webpage.