28 Oct 2019

Skopje, Macedonia

The IGF MKD (Internet Governance Forum Macedonia) is an open, inclusive, and informal space for dialogue on Internet governance issues between all stakeholders in the Macedonian society (government, private sector, civil society, technical community, education, media, end users, etc.). The forum aims to raise awareness and promote a better understanding of Internet governance among all stakeholders; to build or strengthen the capacity of these stakeholders to actively participate in international Internet governance processes; to facilitate multistakeholder discussions, exchanges, and collaboration on Internet-related issues that are of particular concern at national level, allowing all stakeholders to participate as equals and to contribute in creating linkages between the Internet governance realities in the region and the pan-European and global Internet governance processes.

The third annual IGF MKD will take place on 28 October 2019.

For more information, visit the dedicated webpage.