ICT4Peace Cybersecurity Policy and Diplomacy Workshop for ASEAN countries in Singapore

19 Oct 2015 - 20 Oct 2015

Hosted by the Government of Singapore, ICT4Peace, in cooperation with RSIS, is organising a cybersecurity policy and diplomacy course in Singapore (19 - 20 October 2015) for the ASEAN Countries. Invited to participate are Diplomats, Government Officials and a limited number of academics and representatives of Think Tanks from the ASEAN Countries. The participants will be familiarised with the ongoing global (e.g. UN GGE), regional (e.g. OSCE, ARF, AU, OAS) and bilateral cybersecurity negotiation processes. They will acquire a deeper understanding of the most important areas of diplomatic negotiations for a secure and open cyberspace, such as the application of the international for the Cyberspace, norms of responsible state behaviour as well as confidence building measures in the cyberspace. An exercise will be carried out to test and deepen the understanding of the topics presented.

The course will be completed with a discussion on the way forward for the ASEAN Region in terms of cybersecurity policy. ICT4Peace has conducted this course already in cooperation with the OAS for the Latin American Region and with the Government of Kenya for 12 East African Countries. The next course will be held in Cooperation with African Union in Addis Abeba, and for the Diplomatic Community in Geneva in cooperation with GCSP, Geneva. More information.