ICT Spring

9 May 2017 - 10 May 2017


The ICT Spring conference will take place on 9–10 May 2017, at the European Convention Centre in Luxemburg.

The event will offer participants the opportunity to deepen their digital knowledge, capture the value of the fast-growing fintech industry, and explore the impact of space technologies on terrestrial business, through exhibitions and demonstrations of the lastest tech trends and innovations. The programme will be structured in four main tracks: fintech (blockchain, banking stars, innotribe, etc.), digital (storytellers, future of movies, digital realities, and new digital frontiers), space (space application: technology, financing, competitiveness, entrepreneurship / space exploration: conquest of space, space mining, earth observation, space resource), and industry (industry 4.0, future of automation, talent race, circular economy).

For more information, visit the event website.