ICANN: Continuous Data-Driven Analysis of Root Server System Stability Draft Report

27 Oct 2016 - 15 Jan 2017


The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) is seeking public input on a draft report on the root server system stability. The draft report is a result of a study commissioned by ICANN in response to a recommendation from the Governmental Advisory Committee to examine the impact of root zone scaling and affirm that the delegation of new generic top level domains (new gTLDs) did not jeopardise the security or stability of the root Domain Name System (DNS). 

The study did not find any evidence that the delegation of new gTLDs degraded the security and stability of the root DNS system. In the current new gTLD program the rate of delegation has been kept at a gradual rate to ensure that mitigation actions can be taken in a timely manner in case signs of degradation are observed. A recommendation is made for the rate of new  gTLD delegations to remain gradual. A continuous monitoring of a set of risk parameters (the volume of DNS queries across all root servers, and the increase in the amount of processing required of root name servers, for example) is also recommended. 

Feedback from public comment will be incorporated in the final report, scheduled for publication in April 2017.

To contribute to the consultation, visit the dedicated webpage.