ICANN CCWG-Accountability: Jurisdiction Questionnaire

10 Feb 2017 - 17 Apr 2017


The Jurisdiction Subgroup of the Cross Community Working Group on Enhancing ICANN Accountability (CCWG-Accountability) is seeking responses to a questionnaire on issues related to the ICANN's jurisdiction, for use in the Subgroup’s deliberations.

According to Section 27.1(b)(vi) of theICANN  Bylaws and to the extent set forth in the CCWG-Accountability Final Report, the Jurisdiction Subgroup is addressing questions related to ICANN’s jurisdiction, including how choice of jurisdiction and applicable laws for dispute settlement impact ICANN's accountability and the actual operation of ICANN’s policies. To help the Subgroup in these endeavors, the community is invited to consider and respond to the following specific questions:

  • Has your business, your privacy or your ability to use or purchase domain name-related services been affected by ICANN's jurisdiction in any way?
  • Has ICANN's jurisdiction affected any dispute resolution process or litigation related to domain names you have been involved in?
  • Do you have copies of and/or links to any verifiable reports of experiences of other parties that would be responsive to the questions above? 
  • Are you aware of any material, documented instance(s) where ICANN has been unable to pursue its Mission because of its jurisdiction?* 
  • Are you aware of and able to document the existence of an alternative jurisdiction where ICANN would not be so prevented from pursuing its Mission? 

The Subgroup is asking for concrete, factual submissions (positive, negative, or neutral) that will help ensure that the Subgroup’s deliberations are informed, fact-based, and address real issues. The Subgroup is interested in all types of jurisdiction-related factual experiences responsive to these questions, not just those involving actual disputes/court cases.

Responses must be transmitted via email to: ccwg-acctws2.jurisdiction.questionnaire@icann.org

For more information and the complete questionnaire, visit the dedicated webpage.