Hangout with IGMENA

20 Jul 2016


IGMENA will hold its monthly online debate on 20 July, from 15.00 CET to 16.00 CET. The topic of the debate will be 'The legal battle for the future of cybersecurity: What implications for the MENA region?'.

Discussions will be held on issues related to security, encryption-decryption, and access policies for online security. Some of the questions that will addressed include: Are the ongoing court cases and law enforcement investigations involving locked iPhones and encrypted messaging platforms a proxy for a larger conflict between corporate governance, governments, and the judiciary? Do governments have the right to access to iPhone encrypted data without the help of companies such as Apple? What is the implication of this bipolar conflictual interest on online security, consumer data protection and consumption in the Arab world? Is there a need for a separation of custodial responsibilities for those handling personal data? Are private data a property rights and what legal frameworks is established to custodial (property) rights in the MENA region? What is the recommendation that should be expanded to online security training effort for the increase of monitoring threats to online safety and security practices in the MENA region ? 

A report from the event is available here.