Hangout with IGMENA


The main focus of this debate will be: Smart Policies to close the Digital Divide : Showcasing Best Practices to Achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Hangout With IGMENA  is set for Tuesday, 14 June 2016. The SDGs are a new, universal set of goals, targets, and indicators set by the UN member states to frame their agendas and political policies over the next 15 years. The SDGs follow and expand on the millennium development goals (MDGs).

Since 2001, the Arab World has recorded the largest growth in Internet users across the regions and in the world. There has been more than a 600% increase in the number of citizens accessing the Internet. This event will focus on best practices from Arab countries who significantly progressed towards becoming knowledge-based economies by making major improvements in ICT. This month's IGMENA Google Hangout will look at what are the smart policies and important steps to meet all requirements that define a knowledge economy ? How have these efforts yielded positive or negative Internet governance? And what are the short, medium, and long-term policies to achieve the SDGs in the MENA region?

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