GSMA Mobile 360 Series – India 2016

Delhi, India

The GSMA Mobile 360 Series – India 2016 will be held on 26 October, in Delhi.

The aim of the event is to bring together Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) together with other stakeholders (regulatory institutions, financial institutions, NGOs, equipment vendors and manufacturers, IT and security firms, etc.) to discuss the Digital India vision and its impact unpon the mobile universe in India. The conference will be comprised of an array of keynote addresses, case studies, and panel discussions addressing the digital socio-economic vision for the future; practical steps towards building a new, diverse stakeholder ecosystem; a roadmap for the creation of relevant service offerings for health, education, banking and much more that will support digital literacy, economic development and female empowerment; and what types of investment, regulation and technologies will be critical to the infrastructure needed to support the vision.

The GSMA Mobile 360 Series are one-to-three-day conferences held around the globe, with a specific focus on regional issues and current industry topics. Senior executives in mobile and adjacent industries, as well as members in regulatory and government agencies have the opportunity to learn and discuss industry developments, as well as network with peers specifically from their region of the world.

For more information on Mobile 360 – India, visit the event website.