The Global Seismic Internet & Landscape Change (Webinar)

The Internet and the global landscape are undergoing Global Seismic shifts with huge ripples signaling a new Internet and Landscape Ecosystem – A Multilingual Internet & Landscape Ecosystem full of great hope and unique never seen before opportunities, but equally grave new unaddressed risks and challenges.   

Learn how to be prepared for these new risks, develop strategies and plans that factor the new facts and realities,  leverage new once in a lifetime opportunities whether in your backyard or in markets and regions you never operated in or thought reachable.

The Multilingual Internet Group (MLi Group) invite syou to participate in a free one-hour webinar that will explore the biggest ever Global Seismic Internet and Landscape Change already happening in 2014 that will impact all.

Webinar keynote speakers will be Khaled Fattal, Chairman, MLi Group, with an introduction by a special Guest Speaker

       The topics covered will include:

  • Identify the Global Seismic Internet & Landscape changes.

  • Identify new inter-connected facts & realities.

  • Identify and Qualify critical new risks to impact local, regional and global stakeholders.

  • Share Key MLi Group research findings conducted in key emerging markets.

  • Identify new opportunities.

  • Identify critical issues organizations & stakeholders need to do address moving forward.  

  • Q&A session

Become proactive in managing your organization’s strategic directions, plans and operations by discovering the new inter-connected facts and realities most are unaware of and have not factored in their current plans, only then can you stay ahead of the game.

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