Global Conference on Cyberspace 2017

23 Nov 2017 - 24 Nov 2017

New Delhi, India

The 5th Global Conference on Cyberspace (GCCS) will be held on 23–24 November, in New Delhi, India, and will be hosted by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology of India.

Launched in 2011, the GCCS brings together international leaders, policymakers, industry experts, think tanks, and other stakeholders to discuss issues and challenges for an optimal use of the cyberspace. The conference was initiated with the aim to establish internationally agreed 'rules of the road' for behaviour in cyberspace, and create a more focused and inclusive dialogue between Internet stakeholders (governments, civil society, and industry) on how to implement them.

GCCS 2017 will be held under the overarching theme 'Cyber4All: A Safe, Secure and Inclusive Cyberspace for Sustainable Development'. Discussions will revolve around four main subthemes: Cyber4Growth, Cyber4DigitalInclusion, Cyber4Security, and Cyber4Diplomacy.

The conference's goal is to promote an inclusive cyberspace, with a focus on policies and frameworks for inclusivity, sustainability, development, security, safety and freedom, technology and paertnership for upholding digital democracy, maximising collaboration for strengthening security and safety, and advocating dialogue for digital diplomacy. The conference's objectives are to promote the importance of inclusiveness and human rights in global cyber policy, to defend the status quo of an open, interoperable, and unregimented cyberspace, to create political commitment for capacity building initiatives to address the digital divide and assist countries, and to develop security solutions in a balanced fashion that duly acknowledge the importance of the private sector and technical community.

The event is expected to bring together more than 2000 participants from over 100 countries, including high-level governmental officials, industry, civil society, and academia from various countries. 

The past cyberspace conferences were organized in London (2011), Budapest (2012), Seoul (2013)  and the Hague (2015). The GCCS conferences are also sometimes referred to as the 'London Process'. The GCCS will deliberate on issues related to promotion of cooperation in cyberspace, norms for responsible behaviours in cyberspace and to enhance cyber capacity building.

For more information, visit the event website