The GIPO Observatory Tool live session – How is the Internet governed?


A GIPO Observatory Tool live session will be held on 14 September 2016, between 13:00 and 13:45 UTC.

During the session, participants will have the opportunity to learn how the GIPO Observatory Tool can help them spread knowledge about Internet governance and be updated on the latest research. The webinar will be structured in three parts, focused on:

  • showing how the GIPO Observatory Tool works in practice
  • explaining how the tool can be connected with websites
  • experimenting with the tool and its dashboard

GIPO (the Global Internet Policy Observatory) is a project initiated by the European Commission with the aim to bring together stakeholders from different disciplines to work together, share knowledge, and cooperate on Internet governance issues. GIPO’s main goal is to set up and maintain an Observatory Tool, to serve as a place where interested parties can upload relevant sources, search for information and make their work in the area of internet governance more efficient and smoother.

For more information, visit the event webpage.