GIG-ARTS: Overcoming Inequalities in Internet Governance framing digital policy capacity building strategies

13 Apr 2022 - 14 Apr 2022

Nicosia, Cyprus

The Sixth European Multidisciplinary Conference on Global Internet Governance Actors, Regulations, Transactions and Strategies (GIG-ARTS) will take place in Nicosia, Cyprus on 13 and 14 April 2022.

GIG-ARTS is a project of the French National Research Agency (ANR) under the MRSEI programme, designed as an incentive to increase the number of EC H2020 projects coordinated by French academics. The GIG-ARTS project aims at preparing an EC H2020 proposal on Actors, Regulations, Transactions and Strategies in Global Internet Governance, under the Societal Challenge “Europe in a changing world – inclusive, innovative and reflective societies”.

The conference theme is Global Internet Governance and International Human Rights: Whose Rights, Whose Interpretations?.

Further information is available on the official website.