G7 Innovation Week

25 Sep 2017 - 30 Sep 2017

Turin, Italy

The G7 Innovation Week will be held on 25–30 September 2017, in Turin, Italy. Hosted by the Italian G7 Presidency, the initiative is dedicated to innovation, skills, and labour in the New Production Revolution era.

The week will include three G7 Ministerial Meetings:

  • 25–26 September: Ministerial Meeting Industry/ICT
  • 27–28 September: Ministerial Meeting Science
  • 29–30 September: Ministerial Meeting Labour

The three meetings will feature discussions on how to deal with the major changes triggered by the Next Production Revolution. Minister will explore issues related to the impact that the  progress in the areas of robotics and artificial intelligence, the use of big data, and the introduction of modern digital infrastructures is expected to generate on productivity, growth, and socio-economic relations.

In addition to the ministerial meetings, the Innovation Week will also include  a series of events that will engage many players in the world of innovation:

  • A Multistakeholder Conference, on 25 September, will bring together various international experts to discuss the relationship between digital transformation and small and medium-sized businesses, the importance of data, and the benefits of artificial intelligence.
  • Also on 25 September, the Innovators' Strategic Advisory Board on People-Centered Innovation (I-7) will hold its first meeting, and will gather many innovators from the G7 countries to share experiences and new ideas on the use of big data to improve services for citizens, the application of artificial intelligence to the public sector, and how technologies can be used to address changes in the society, in areas such as the labor market.
  • A workshop on cybersecurity will also be part of the Innovation Week.
  • The G7 Heads of active labour market policies institutions will meet to discuss labour market and employment, while the G7 cooperative associations will meet in Milan to address the role of cooperation in the process of digital transformation of work.

For more information, visit the Italian G7 Presidency 2017 website.