European Workshop on Policy Watch Activities – MAPPING Project

5 Jun 2017

Tallinn, Estonia

The Managing Alternatives for Privacy, Property and Internet Governance (MAPPING) project will hold a workshop on policy watch activitieson 5 June 2017, in Tallinn, Estonia. The workshop is organised by members of the MAPPING project (the Association for Technology and Internet, DiploFoundation, and European Projects & Management), as part of their work with the MAPPING Policy Observatory. It will be held as a pre-event to the tenth meeting of the European Dialogue on Internet Governance (EuroDIG), and will run between 11.00 and 12.30 CEST. 

The event will build up on a continuing dialogue among various Internet policy observatories and policy watch initiatives that has been formally initiated at the 2014 meeting of the Internet Governance Forum. It is aimed at discussing concrete questions and challenges arising from various digital policy observatory initiatives and other similar information gathering projects, with a view to identifying best practices and avoiding work duplication. Issues to be considered are:

  • use of FOSS tools by observatories
  • community-building elements
  • further incentives for sharing and collaboration
  • use a common taxonomy/language
  • user perspectives on observatories - usefulness
  • other tools to decipher the Internet policy maze
  • how to ensure the sustainability
  • mixing automation with human brains

Registration for the event is open.

For more information, visit the dedicated webpage