European Cybersecurity Forum (CYBERSEC)

28 Sep 2015 - 29 Sep 2015

The European Cybersecurity Forum (CYBERSEC), the 1st Annual Public Policy Conference dedicated to strategic aspects of cybersecurity, will be held 28-29 September in Kraków, Poland.

CYBERSEC's mission is to build a platform for cooperation among the representatives of governments, non-governmental organizations, and key private sector entities in order to develop strategic decisions enhancing the level of cybersecurity in Europe. The goal of CYBERSEC is the formulation of practical recommendations that aim to increase resilience to cyber threats within specific economic sectors, countries, and the EU as a whole. In particular, the recommendations will help to strengthen cooperation between the Visegrad Group, the countries of the Baltic Sea Basin and other countries of Central Europe in protecting cyberspace.

The result of the annual CYBERSEC forum will be a strong impulse to develop solutions aiming towards an increased level of cybersecurity in Europe and the transatlantic area.

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