Ensuring Civil Society’s Voice is Heard in ICANN

Geneva, Switzerland

[Update] A report from the event is now available. The Geneva Internet Platform (GIP) and ICANN invite you to an open discussion about the opportunities to strengthen civil society's contributions and participation in ICANN. ICANN is a global multistakeholder organisation that manages Internet resources for the public benefit. In particular, ICANN coordinates the top-level of the Internet's system of unique identifiers – the Domain Name System (DNS) – via global, multistakeholder, bottom-up consensus policy processes. Civil society organizations and individuals are right in the middle of initiating and negotiating policy, and making decisions jointly by consensus with the other stakeholder groups involved. Many suggest this multistakeholder approach produces better policy, but how can we broaden and strengthen global civil society's participation in ICANN and strengthen the multistakeholder model? There are many opportunities for civil society actors to get involved in ICANN and to shape the future of the DNS. One of the topics the GIP/ICANN meeting will discuss is the next steps in the implementation of the IANA transition recommendations, particularly those about enhancing ICANN's accountability. The implementation phase is an important opportunity for experts from academia and civil society to bring their knowledge and experience to the process. Equally, the on-going discussions about WHOIS and privacy are important, there is a critical review examining competition, consumer trust and choice underway, and many other topics relevant to civil society. Speakers include Ayden Férdeline, LSE (Masters program), Anne-Rachel Inne, ICANN, Tatiana Tropina, Max Planck Institute for Foreign and International Criminal Law, Matthew Shears, Center for Democracy & Technology, and Olivier MJ Crepin-Leblond, EURALO. The briefing will be moderated by Dr Jovan Kurbalija, Director DiploFoundation and Head, Geneva Internet Platform. The discussion will take place on Wednesday, 4th May, at 13:15-15:00 CEST (11:15-13:00 UTC) at the GIP premises, 7 bis Avenue de la Paix (WMO building, 2nd floor), Geneva. Light lunch refreshments will be served. |full_html