EBU FORECAST 2017 – 20th Anniversary

23 Nov 2017 - 24 Nov 2017

Geneva, Switzerland

The European Broadcasting Union (EBU) will host the 20th edition of its FORECAST seminar on 23–24 November 2017, in Geneva, Switzerland.

Since its launch, the FORECAST seminar has been aimed at guiding EBU members through the ongoing changes in consumption patterns, media genres, and distribution technologies. Initially focused on technical aspects of terrestrial broadcast, the seminar has widened to a higher-level strategic treatment of media distribution technologies.

Topics to be covered during FORECAST 2017 include:

  • The latest on technology trends: advanced satellite technologies such as High Throughput Satellites, large scale Low Earth Orbit constellations; the current state of 4G/5G; etc.
  • The latest on the spectrum battle: calls to release the 700 MHz band, the future use of sub-700 MHz bands and broadcasters’ preparations for the WRC-19/23 World Radiocommunications Conference.
  • The latest on regulatory changes affecting the media industry: the new European Electronic Communications Code is coming, but how is the existing International Telecommunication Union regulation adapting?
  • Sustainable business models: can win-win scenarios be created for all stakeholders along the broadcast value chain? What consequences would a shift to a 5G model mean for broadcasters who are now successfully running over-the-top (OTT) services?

For more information, visit the event webpage.