Digital Transformation for Cities and Communities Webinar Series – Episode #8: Network capabilities and emerging technologies to support IoT-enabled verticals

18 Nov 2021


The International Telecommunication Union is hosting a webinar series on Digital transformation for cities and communities. Episode 8 on Network capabilities and emerging technologies to support IoT-enabled verticals will be held on 18 November. 

This episode is jointly organized by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), China Information and Communication Technologies Group (CICT), China Unicom, National Company for Support of Digital Development/Transformation (EADN), Oki Electric ​Industry Co., Ltd and Tencent.​

The webinar will examine how emerging technologies are enhancing network architecture and providing new c​apabilities to ensure reliability, security, and interoperability for IoT-enabled verticals. The episode will also place a special focus on the role of international standards in capturing these developments and elevating best practices that would benefit cities and communities that are looking to scale up different IoT use cases and accelerate digital transformation. 

Further information can be found on the event webpage