Digital Rights and Inclusion Forum

11 Apr 2023 - 13 Apr 2023

Nairobi, Kenya and online

Paradigm Initiative (PIN) will be hosting the virtual Digital Rights and Inclusion Forum 2023 (DRIF23) from 11 to 13 April in Nairobi, Kenya and online. 

The goal of this year’s conference, held under the theme ‘Building the sustainable internet for everyone,’ is to highlight Africa’s challenges and provide solutions for a sustainable online future for everyone.

DRIF is an important platform where conversations on African digital policy are debated and shaped. The event aims to facilitate discussion, create action plans to advance digital inclusion and rights in Africa, and expand networks and cooperation in this area.

Participants in this event include civil society organisations, policy, and legal experts, industry representatives, tech enthusiasts, government officials,  members of academia, and others.

More information about DRIF23 can be found on the official web page.