Datasquare: Immersion into Big Data

23 Sep 2017

Lausanne, Switzerland

The 'Datasquare: Immersion into Big Data' exhibition will be held between 23 September and 31 December 2017, at the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL), In Lausanne, Switzerland.

The exhibition will feature projects connected to the concept of big data, showing how the big data revolution has lead to a new way of studying complex systems such as the brain or cities: simulation-based reserach.

Two EPFL projects will be presented:

  • The Blue Brain Project, aimed at simulating the human brain on the basis of vast collections of neurobiological and clinical data.
  • The Venice Time Machine, designed to reconstruct a thousand years’ worth of history by digitising the more than 80 kilometres of city archives preserved in the Venetian State Archives and many other historical sources.

For more details, visit the exhibition webpage.