Data Revolution for Policy Makers 2017

21 Feb 2017 - 22 Feb 2017

Jakarta, Indonesia

The International Conference on Data Revolution for Policy Makers will be held on 21–22 February 2017, in Jakarta, Indonesia, and it will be organised by Pulse Lab Jakarta, in partnership with Bappenas, the Knowledge Sector Initiative, and the Australian Government. 

The conference will revolve around issues related to big data and real-time analysis techniques for planning, monitoring, and evaluating social development policies. The discussions will focus on the successes and challenges of harnessing new data sources for policy makers, as well as on testing technically sound and politically feasible solutions to inform policy decisions through data innovation.

The programme of the two-day event will include plenary sessions, lightning talks, and data clinics of topics such as: data revolution and its potential for measuring sustainable development goals, the demand and use for real-time data analytics to inform complex decision-making, the policy side of data innovation, synchronising and sharing data, data innovation, big data, open data, and privacy protection. The conference will also feature an exhibition showcasing cutting edge work on data innovation for policy making. 

The event will bring together Indonesian and international experts to discuss how new ways of analysing and sourcing data can be used to provide better services for the public. Participants will include researchers, policy makers, activists, and data analysts from governments, private enterprises, United Nations agencies, and civil society organisations. 

For more information, read the event announcement