CSTD WG on Enhanced Cooperation (WGEC)

Geneva, Switzerland

An additional meeting to the third meeting of the Working Group on Enhanced Cooperation (WGEC) of the Commission on Science and Technology for Development CSTD) took place in Geneva 30 April - 02 May, 2014.



Follow-up notes (also see documents below):

  • The WGEC Chair closed the meeting with a committmet to report to the 17th CSTD Session on 14 May 4:30 p.m. No recommendations will be made.
  • CSTD Member States will decide future of WGEC.
  • Possible dates for extended meeting are September and November 2014.
  • Major debates unresolved: equal participation for women; respective roles: 'fully' enhanced cooperation.
  • Blog post on Twitter effects on meetings (with tweets from the meeting) Will tweeting kill Schrödinger’s Cat and other questions.

For complete tweets from the meeting see this report.

Complete meeting tweets from SGDickenson

The sixty-seventh session of the General Assembly, held on 21 December 2012, adopted resolution 67/195 which invited the Chair of the CSTD to establish the Working Group on Enhanced Cooperation.

In view of this request, on 22 March 2013, the Chair of the CSTD announced the establishment of the Working Group with the following composition: 22 Member States (four per regional group, plus the two that have hosted the World Summit on the Information Society); five representatives from the private sector; five representatives from civil society; five representatives from the technical and academic communities; and five representatives from intergovernmental and international organizations.

Download: Membership of the Working Group on Enhanced Cooperation

This meeting is the third in a series of meetings intended for an exchange of views among stakeholders and to report the outcomes to the CSTD at its seventeenth session in 2014.

Initial draft documents for the meeting are available at Initial draft documents for CSTD WGEC