Connected Summit 2016 – Kenya

20 Mar 2016 - 23 Mar 2016

Diani, Kenya

The Connected Summit, first held in 2009, aims at establishing a platform for collaboration, capacity building and knowledge sharing between government and the ICT sector with a view of linking and hastening implementation of government IT projects to world-class standards. Some of today’s leading government projects have links with Connected Kenya. With its remarkable mix of decision-makers from government and leading ICT thinkers from industry, the Summit has enabled its participants to develop insights that allow them to successfully respond and design their engagement in Kenya’s vibrant ICT sector.

Conference Overview: Bridging the Service Gap

The explosive entry of digital technology into everyday life has changed how people live and work, how companies do their daily business, and how governments serve their people.


  • Identify gaps in public sector service delivery that can be solved by innovative use of ICT
  • Highlight efficiency gaps in public sector IT projects and consider policy recommendations
  • Share knowledge, best practice and lessons learnt based on experience in implementing ICT projects
  • Build support on ongoing ICT integrated infrastructure projects
  • Provide a platform for meaningful networking that will result in fruitful relationships that contribute to economic development

More information is available on the conference website.