Conference of European Statisticians – 65th Plenary Session

19 Jun 2017 - 21 Jun 2017

Geneva, Switzerland

The 65th plenary session of the Conference of European Statisticians (CES) will be held on 19–21 June 2017, in Geneva, Switzerland.

CES drives statistical work in the region of the United Nations Commission for Europe (UNECE), with the aim to address emerging challenges through joint international work and pooling of resources. The conference brings together chief statisticians of more than 60 countries and several international organisations. Its role is to advise UNECE about countries' statistical development needs in the region, and develop statistics and methodology according to countries' priorities. 

At its 65th plenary session, CES will discuss reports, guidelines, and recommendations on issues related to the next generation of statisticians and data scientists; the integration of geospatial data and official statistics; poverty measurement; statistics for sustainable development goals (SDGs); the value of official statistics. There will also be debates on the coordination of international statistical work in the UNECE region, and the programme of work of UNECE's Statistics subprogramme.

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