College of Commissioners Orientation Debate

College of Commissioners discusses plans to create a Digital Single Market – Vice-President Ansip will be at the Midday briefing (live webstream on EbS).

There are still many barriers preventing citizens and business to fully benefit from digital opportunities. It is a top priority for the Juncker Commission to remove these obstacles and create a Digital Single Market that will boost growth and jobs on our continent. The Commission will officially kick-off work and exchange first concrete ideas on 25 March when the College of Commissioners will hold an orientation debate on how to make the EU's single market freedoms "go digital".

Vice-President Ansip, in charge of the Digital Single Market, will present the main obstacles he has identified with his project team and the key areas the Commission will focus on in its Digital Single Market Strategy to trigger a real change for consumers and businesses.

The outcome of the debate will prepare the Digital Single Market strategy to be unveiled in May.

Vice-President Ansip will be at the Midday briefing to present the outcome of the discussions to the press. More information