COCONET: Southeast Asia Digital Rights Camp

22 Oct 2017 - 26 Oct 2017

Bali or Yogyakarta, Indonesia

COCONET, a Southeast Asia Digital Rights camp, will be held on 22–26 October 2017, in Bali or Yogyakarta, Indonesia. The event is organised by Engage Media, the Association for Progressive Communications (APC), and the Southeast Asian Press Alliance (SEAPA), with support from other regional organisations.

COCONET (Connecting Communities & Networks) aims to enhance regional networking, and to build collaborations with organisations that can help expand and pupularise digital rights issues. It is also intended to connect members of the digital rights community to media and technology-makers, as well as to grassroots digital activists, as a way to expand the social reach, and social movements, engaged with digital rights issues.

The camp will bring together participants from Southeast Asian countries and the broader Asia-Pacific region, including Internet rights advocates, activists (those who are working with grassroots communities' issues and are using online platforms), techies (who are aware of political issues of technology and are interested in embedding themselves in social movements), and media Makers (creative content creators who advocate social change – journalists, bloggers, video-makers, photographers, theatre practioners, painters, etc.).

For more information, visit the event webpage.