[Briefing #17] Internet governance in July and August 2015


Which Internet governance developments took place in August? How are they shaping future developments, and what can we expect in September?

Every last Tuesday of the month, the monthly Internet governance briefings provide a 'zoomed-out' update of the major global IG and digital policies developments. Join us in Geneva or online for our next briefing on Tuesday, 25th August, at 113:00 CEST (11:00 UTC).

You receive hundreds of pieces of information on digital politics.
We receive them, too.
We decode, contextualise, and analyse them.
Then we summarise them for you.

Join us once a month for a round-up of the main IG-related events and developments. Every month, we look back at what happened and look ahead to what’s to come.

The Internet governance in August 2015 briefing will take place on Tuesday, 25th August, at 13:00 CEST (11:00 UTC). The briefing is delivered live from Geneva (WMO Building, 2nd floor, 7 bis Avenue de la Paix) but you can also participate online. To join, please fill in the registration form.

The monthly Internet governance briefings are organised by the Geneva Internet Platform (GIP), a Swiss initiative run by DiploFoundation. To keep up-to-date with GIP events, subscribe to our mailing list. More information: gip@diplomacy.edu


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