Arab IGF

26 Nov 2014 - 27 Nov 2014

Referring to the announcement issued by the Executive Bureau for Joint Coordination in 12/26/2013 about hosting the ArabIGF 2014 third, Umbrella organization is currently working on a study of the evaluate of all hosting requests, The ArabIGF Secretariat will announce the ArabIGF 2014 host name soon, once the evaluation procedures is finished.

Arab IGF tackles a wide spectrum of issues of regulatory and policy nature within the sphere of Internet industry and Internet use. For instance, these topics include accelerating broadband penetration, development of its applications, promoting local content, user rights, policies for critical Internet resources, cybersecurity, protecting privacy, youth and the Internet, and innovation enabling Internet policies.

The 2014 Arab IGF will be held from Wednesday 26 November 2014 to Thursday 27 November 2014

Location : Beirut, Lebanon