AI Seoul Safety Summit 2024

21 May 2024 - 22 May 2024

Seoul, South Korea

South Korea will host the second global AI Safety Summit in Seoul on May 21–22, six months after Britain held the first event at Bletchley Park. In a statement, government officials confirmed that the event will expand on the ‘Bletchley Declaration,’ an agreement signed by 28 countries, including the US and China, to collaborate on AI safety.

The upcoming summit, held mostly online, will be a joint effort between South Korea and the UK, with the participation of governments, AI companies, civil society, and academia. France will be hosting the next in-person summit six months later. Building on the legacy of Bletchley Park, the South Korea event will address the potential capabilities of the most advanced AI models. Developed by an advisory panel of 32 global experts, the International Scientific Report on Advanced AI Safety will be released ahead of the Korean summit.

AI Seoul Summit programme

AI Seoul Summit: day 1

21 May 2024.

Welcome reception

Hosted by ROK Minister of Foreign Affairs.

AI Seoul Summit Leaders’ Session - Building on the AI Safety Summit: towards an Innovative and Inclusive Future

A limited number of participants will be requested to update on how they are fulfilling the commitments made at the Bletchley AI Safety Summit in November 2023, including how to ensure model safety, and how they are more broadly supporting innovation and inclusivity.

President Yoon Suk Yeol of the Republic of Korea and Prime Minister Rishi Sunak of the United Kingdom will serve as co-chairs of the session.

AI Seoul Summit: day 2

22 May 2024.

AI Seoul Summit Ministers’ Session

Includes representatives from 30 countries, the European Union and the UN who are participating in the International AI Safety Report, alongside key figures from industry, academia and civil society.

The Minister of Science and ICT, H.E. Lee Jong Ho of the Republic of Korea and the Secretary of State for Science, Innovation and Technology H.E. Michelle Donelan of the United Kingdom will serve as co-chairs for the AI Seoul Summit Ministers’ Session.

Session 1: action to strengthen AI safety

These sessions will build on the outcomes of the AI Safety Summit in Bletchley to advance global cooperation on AI safety, including through emerging consensus on frontier AI risks and the development of the International AI Safety Report.

To make forward progress on strengthening the international community’s ability to respond to serious AI risks, participants will present the work of national AI Safety Institutes and discuss how to further establish the norms and practices required to make AI safe. Participants will also explore further opportunities for expert international cooperation on AI safety.

Participants will also draw on the interim International AI Safety Report, to discuss emerging risks from current and near-future frontier AI models, strategies to mitigate those risks, and next steps for development of the final Report for the next Summit in France.

Session 2: approach for sustainability and resilience

Governments have a responsibility to guarantee safe, secure and trustworthy AI if we are to reap its significant benefits. To that end, governments have a role to play in ensuring a wider resilience against the most negative impacts of AI in order to make the technological and industrial advancement of AI sustainable.

To increase resilience against the negative impacts of AI, there is a need to address not only technical issues such as AI model development, but also the deployment of responsible and trustworthy AI to increase societal benefits and acceptance. A globally coordinated approach to AI development should explore resolutions to negative social and economic impacts exacerbated by AI, such as energy and environmental threats, labor market impacts, the mass production of misinformation and disinformation, and strengthening unethical bias.

More information about the event will be available soon.