Advancing a Sustainable Information Society for All

8 Jun 2015 - 9 Jun 2015

New York, USA

In cooperation with the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), DESA’s Division for Public Administration and Development Management (DPADM) will organize an Expert Group Meeting (EGM) on ‘Advancing a Sustainable Information Society for All’ on 8-9 June 2015 at UN Headquarters, New York.  

The meeting will bring together international experts to discuss ICT-related issues in the context of two important policy milestones: the emerging post-2015 sustainable development agenda and the General Assembly’s Overall Review of the outcomes of the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS), commonly known as WSIS+10, to take place in December 2015. 

The focus of the EGM will be the role of ICTs as key enablers of sustainable development. It will examine ways in which governments along with other stakeholders can address increasingly complex development and information society issues through more effective use of ICTs. Guiding questions include: What types of ICTs exist for promoting sustainable development and the next phase of the Information Society? How will they have to adapt/develop to meet future development and information society challenges/needs? What is the impact of an increasingly digitalized society likely to be on sustainable development, as we understand it, over the next 15 years? How can we improve our ability to anticipate those changes; measure their effects; maximise their developmental value; and minimise the risks they pose?

The ongoing inter-governmental negotiations on the post-2015 development agenda as well as discussions among Member States on the General Assembly Overall Review will benefit from the updated facts, analyses and any conclusions and recommendations of this EGM. As the EGM is due to be held two weeks prior to the June negotiations on the post-2015 development agenda, and days before the first consultative meeting of the inter-governmental WSIS+10 review process, it aims to also serve as a briefing opportunity for Member States and other stakeholders.

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Contact Information
Ms. Elia Armstrong

Mr. Deniz Susar

Ms. Eleonora Mazzucchi