7th e-Crime & Cybersecurity Benelux Summit

6 Dec 2017

Amsterdam, Netherlands

The 7th e-Crime & Cybersecurity Benelux Summit will be held on 6 December 2017, in Amsterdam, Netherlands. 

The event will feature discussions on cybersecurity and cybercrime issues, and will bring together professionals working in the field of safeguarding digital assets and sensitive data. Included in the programme will be case studies, strategic talks, and technical break-out sessions from security teams. Specific topics to be tackled include the 2017 phishing threat landscape, cyber risks management, the evolution of security incident response and the rise of automation, resilient cyber incident platforms, using machine learning for next-generation cyber defense, critical infrastructures protection, cybersecurity ratings, the cyber payment fraud threat landscape, and information security regulation and its implementation.

​For more information,  visit the event website.