6th Global Summit on Artificial Intelligence and Neural Networks

15 Oct 2018 - 16 Oct 2018

Helsinki, Finland

The 6th Global Summit on Artificial Intelligence and Neural Networks will be held on 15–16 October 2018, in Helsinki, Finland.

Under the theme ‘Harnessing the power of artificial intelligence (AI)’, the summit will bring together professionalists, industry representatives, researchers, and students, and other professionals to discuss the most recent developments in the field of AI and neural networks, explore the potential of these technologies, and look at the effectiveness of various regulatory approaches towards AI.

The programme will be divided across several tracks: AI, cognitive computing, self-organising neural networks, backpropagation, computational creativity, artificial neural networks, deep learning, ambient intelligence, perceptrons, cloud computing, autonomous robots, support vector machines, parallel processing, bioinformatics, and ubiquitous computing. 

For more information, visit the event website.