Tech presentations: Strawberry enegry

4 Apr 2019 14:00h - 14:15h

Event report

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Strawberry Energy is an award-winning company that provides urban infrastructure for smart objects.

strawberry energy

The presenter, Mr Miloš Milosavljević (CEO of Strawberry Energy) started the presentation with introducing that the company’s aim is to approach urban infrastructure to reinvent them for the 21st century, to evolve to the needs of people and the growing needs for connectivity. He noted that, at the same time, brands have difficulty reaching the audience by using traditional media.

With those in mind, the company developed a model that will help brands be present in public space in a less invasive way, without spending taxpayers’ money, while improving the lives of local communities. The products the company builds bring the Internet of Things to outdoor public spaces, gathering environmental data via built-in sensors, allowing charging of devices via solar energy and free Wi-Fi connection. Partnered with big brands such as Ford, as well as the charities such as Cancer Research UK, they offer the possibility to donate to charities from the objects directly.

The presentation included a promotional video for Strawberry Energy smart benches in London, with plans to implement Strawberry Energy at bus stops and phone booths as well.

By Darija Medić