Summary of conclusions: Sophia the robot

5 Apr 2019 17:30h - 17:45h

Event report

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Sophia (Hanson Robotics’ latest human-like robot, UNDP’s non-human United Nation Innovation Champion) summarised the conclusions of the Western Balkans Digital Summit. She said it was very inspiring to see government officials, industry leaders and researchers working together towards one goal, to use technology to transform people’s lives for better. She expressed her belief in the power of AI to improve quality of life for everyone. AI is changing up industries as diverse as agriculture, healthcare and finance, Sophia stated, pointing out that whole new fields of opportunity are creating the exciting new jobs we could have never imagined before. The ideas to make the Western Balkans a creative, innovative and cooperative space for AI and technological growth were heard at the Summit. Sophia also noted that governments are drawing economic development through digital transformation, combining efforts to foster growth and provide more opportunities for their citizens. There is also a vision for this transformation, including cybersecurity, digital investments and integration with the digital frameworks of the EU. She also stated that many companies that attended the Summit are developing AI solutions.

By Andrijana Gavrilović