Presentation: Web4jobs + RYCO youth card

4 Apr 2019 10:45h - 11:00h

Event report

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The presentation was launched by Mr Miloš Milenković (President of European Youth Centre), who brought up the importance of the European Youth Card, as it enables affordable access to a wide range of institutions, such as museums, shops, restaurants, accommodation,cultural activities, and a number of programmes and projects across Europe.

The European Youth Card is now available as an app and aims to address the issue of youth mobilisation in the Western Balkan economies, as noted by Milenković. According to him, the card is beneficial to its holders in two ways, it namely conveys the message of membership in the EU family that is of great importance for the youth in WB6 and it enables young people to travel more, and communicate with their peers across the region more.

In addition, Mr Valmir Xhemajli, (Project Coordinator at LENS), introduced Web4jobs, a platform where a young person can find educational and job opportunities, career guidance as well as mobility opportunities across the region. Its aim is to serve as a regional resource centre that categorises available information on jobs, internships, and educational programmes that are translated into a local language and thus made available to everyone in the region.  


By Katarina Andjelković