Tsunami of VR is coming: when and how will virtual reality transform our business and living

4 Apr 2019 10:45h - 11:00h

Event report

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The presentation was held by Mr Vitomir Jevremović (CEO of Digital Mind). He presented the historical timeline of the VR devices. They started as attached to the computer environment, the evolution continued through devices operated by the use of mobile phones. The next step in the evolution is represented by the mixed reality devices. These devices will not need your phone to work with, while the mixed augmented reality and the virtual reality surroundings are created around the user.

The next generation of these devices will actually look like regular optical glasses, with additional technology attached. Users will no longer feel the void between virtual and analogue surroundings. Freeing users from attached technologies behind VR will be a turning point for the industry. By his words, these devices are already in the production phase, soon to be available on markets. Around the world, virtual reality platforms show a lot of potential for the industry growth.

He presented a few successful use cases from his company in Virtual Reality surroundings. Digitising museum works of art, creating virtual tours, and/or use in the military training facilities, just to name a few.

At the end of the session, Jevremović pointed out that the crucial industrial turning point might be the moment when we start to meet, collaborate and exchange ideas in Virtual Reality surroundings.

By Arvin Kamberi