Science-technology park

5 Apr 2019 10:00h - 10:15h

Event report

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Ms Gordana Danilović-Grković, (Director at Science Technology Park Belgrade), delivered a presentation on the Science Technology Park in Belgrade (STP Belgrade), its beginnings, the challenges, and its successes.

STP Belgrade plays a very significant role in developing the innovation ecosystem in Serbia and gathers start-ups and growing high-tech development companies. According to Danilović-Grković, over 100 companies are part of the network, with over 1000 engineers.

She also reflected on the fruitful co-operation with Israel where they gained the expertise and know-how and the support of the Government of Switzerland.

Lastly, she stressed the importance of regional co-operation, sharing experience and learning from each other, and avoiding mere copy-paste models.


By Katarina Andjelković