Public e-service delivery platform: Driving organizational digital transformation in public services delivery

5 Apr 2019 15:15h - 15:30h

Event report

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Mr Vasko Kronevski (CEO, Nextsense) said that the need for Public Service Delivery Platform came from the drive to cut costs, optimise the streamlined experience for users, and deliver better services in general. Additional results of the platform imply modernising public administration, centralised and comprehensive information, facilitating digital interaction, avoiding duplication, improving organisational performance, managing administrative workload, monitoring and controlling the process of e-service delivery, providing the objective and measurable score. Kronevski noted that there is a high level of efficiency, mobility, transparency, and responsibility. As the platform is following the EU 2020 Digital Agenda, it is operating under the following key principles by design:

  • digital-by-default
  • only once (asking for information)
  • inclusiveness and accessibility (no one is isolated from using services)
  • openness and transparency
  • cross-regional by default
  • interoperability by default
  • build trustworthiness and security

Citizens and businesses are connected by enabling the authentication layer with e-IDs.


By Aida Mahmutović