Digital visual effects: From here to there

5 Apr 2019 14:45h - 15:00h

Event report

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Mr Alan Robertson (VFX Producer at Digitalkraft) presented the work of Digitalkraft, a visual effects and post-production company. He explained that Digitalkraft creates images out of digital data: objects, characters, landscapes, buildings, animals, people, even rocket ships and aliens, all built from digital information. Robertson underlined that today there are almost no limits to what computer-generated imagery (CGI) and digital artists can do. He explained that these astounding images are created on very basic mathematics.

Robertson spoke about Digitalkraft’s creative partnerships with US companies NiceShoes and S78, and underlined that international collaboration in animation is not unusual, hence why he titled his talk ‘From Here to There’. He also explained that outsourcing is a common practice in this area.

Robertson also spoke about the Computer, Graphics & Arts (CGA) conference, a Belgrade international annual event, dedicated to sharing the latest innovations and techniques in computer graphics, animation, visual effects, gaming and virtual reality. This event aims to drive Serbia to be a leading hub in this new sector of the digital economy.

Robertson underlined that the world of digital visual effects encompasses a wide range of individual skills and crafts that can be put to use for a variety of purposes: educating, informing, advertising, and entertaining.

By Andrijana Gavrilović