Digital ecosystems: Managing complexity

4 Apr 2019 17:00h - 17:15h

Event report

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Mr Nebojša Đurđević (CEO, Digital Serbia Initiative) talked about the complexities of the digital ecosystem in Serbia.

Đurđević stressed that at the core of the digital ecosystem, one can find, amongst others, companies that are involved in the IT business services (for themselves and for their clients), start-ups, and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). These companies do not act in isolation and there are other actors within the ecosystem who act as enablers or disablers. These include support organisations such as hub organisations, domain expert organisations, to name a few. Given that the digital world brings a lot of legal dynamics, legal support is also essential as well as consultancies (e.g. tax consultancies). Đurđević added that research and education institutions are essential primarily because they are responsible for talent development as well as actors that provide infrastructure (e.g. cloud infrastructure) and financial institutions.

This extremely interdependent and complex ecosystem requires the effective engagement of the broader public including media actors who manage dialogue as well as the government that is responsible for legal and regulatory frameworks.

The objective of the Digital Serbia Initiative is therefore to gather around the table the minds that can provide the lenses to assess the ecosystem and strategically lead the alignment of the private and public sector. Đurđević stressed that even though the initiative works closely with the government, it still has the necessary independence to deliver its mission.

Education, legal and regulatory frameworks, infrastructure as well as start-ups are the key pillars of the Digital Serbia Initiative.

By Natasa Perucica