Center for digital transformation

5 Apr 2019 11:15h - 11:30h

Event report

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Mr Mihailo Vesović (Adviser to the President at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia [CCIS]) gave a presentation on the work of the Center for Digital Transformation.

Vesovic pointed out that the role of the Center for Digital Transformation is to identify ways how it could support companies in the process of digital transformation. The speaker stressed that digital transformation cannot be approached in the same way in every economy given that local specificities have an impact on the business activities of companies. Given that multinational corporations operating in Serbia and the region possess the resources and experts who are working on digital transformation, Vesovic noted that micro businesses and the SMEs need help the most in the process of digital transformation.

Vesovic highlighted that those companies that havent started their digital transformation are lagging behind. He stressed the need to create a network to support these companies and businesses in the process of transformation. Companies need to realise that digitalisation is a a new business strategy that will allow their businesses to move forward.


By Nataša Perućica